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1 min readOct 1, 2020

Ghost Theme

“Journal” is a Ghost theme, compatible up to latest Ghost v3.3+. Digital Ocean offers one-click installation for Ghost.

Blogging Theme

Ghost is a professional publishing platform and “Journal” is a theme for professional bloggers.

Bootstrap Grid

Built upon Bootstrap framework, “Journal” uses the most popular framework.

Responsive Layout

“Journal” is responsive, meaning it will adjust its layout based on the screen size and resolution.

Contact Form

“Journal” theme is contact form ready so your visitors will get in touch with you from your website.

Seo Friendly

The theme you choose for your site can significantly affect your SEO. “Journal” is SEO friendly.

Best Coding Practices

“Journal” is carefully coded with clean code optimized for speed. Enjoy a bloat free theme!

Cross Browser Compatible

“Journal” is supported in all major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Originally published at on October 1, 2020.